Compact model sensor head Standard model Monochrome IV4-G500MA

IV4-G500MA - Compact model sensor head Standard model Monochrome

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Data Sheet (PDF)


CAD Data

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Standard model
[IV4-G500MA+OP-88909] Ultra-narrow field of view model

Installed distance

From 50 mm 1.97"
[IV4-G500MA+OP-88909] 23 mm to 40 mm 0.91" to 1.57"

Field of view

Installation distance of 50 mm 1.97": 22 (H) × 16 (V) mm to
Installation distance of 3000 mm: 118.11" 1184 (H) × 888 (V) mm
(reference value)
Installation distance of 23 mm 0.91": 9.8 (H) × 7.3 (V) mm to
Installation distance of 40 mm 1.57": 15 (H) × 11.2 (V) mm
(reference value)

Image receiving element


1/2.9 inch monochrome CMOS

Number of pixels

1280 (H) × 960 (V)

Focus adjustment


Exposure time

12 µs to 9 ms*2*3
[IV4-G500MA+OP-88909] 12 µs to 9 ms*3



Infrared LED

Lighting method

Pulse lighting


2 indicators (both displaying same content)

Power supply

Average power consumption

2.5 W (without AI imaging illumination unit installed) 6.6 W (with AI imaging illumination unit installed)
[IV4-G500MA+OP-88909] 2.5 W

Environmental resistance

Enclosure rating

IP67 *4
[IV4-G500MA+OP-88909] ─

Ambient temperature

0 to +50°C 32 to +122°F (no freezing)*5

Relative humidity

85% RH or less (no condensation)

Vibration resistance

Frequency: 10 to 500 Hz; Power spectral density: 0.033 G2/Hz; X, Y and Z directions

Shock resistance

500 m/s2 3 times in each of 6 directions


Main unit case: Zinc die-casting. Front cover: Acrylic. Operation indicator cover: TPU *6


Approx. 75 g 2.65 oz (no AI imaging illumination unit) Approx. 225 g 7.94 oz (with AI imaging illumination unit)
[IV4-G500MA+OP-88909] Approx. 85 g 3.00 oz

*1 Focus position can be automatically adjusted during installation. It cannot be adjusted while running. Focus position can be registered separately for each program.
*2 With an AI imaging illumination unit installed, exposure time is up to 6.25 ms.
*3 Maximum exposure time is 500 ms only when lighting is set to OFF.
*4 Except when polarizing filters (OP-88642/OP-88643/OP-88646/OP-88647) are installed.
*5 When the operating ambient temperature exceeds 40°C, install in accordance with KEYENCE instructions, taking appropriate measures for heat dissipation to ensure that the case temperature does not exceed the rated 65°C. For the case temperature, measure the side with the “IV4 series” label.
*6 ESD safe and IEC61340-5-1 compliant.

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