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Intuitive Vision System

CV-5000 series

14 Cameras

The Fourteen Different Camera Types in the CV-5000 Series Support a Wide Range of Inspection Tasks.

Simultaneous acquisition multi-camera system [Industry First]

fourteen different camera types

The CV-5000 Series allows simultaneous use of several different cameras selectable from a lineup of 14 different models. Users can select and combine the cameras best suited to the detection task, such as using a monochrome camera with a color camera. Up to four cameras can be connected by adding the camera expansion unit.* The system runs all four cameras simultaneously (acquisition and processing), including the data-intensive 5 millionpixel color camera. The multi-camera system provides users with a flexible upgrade path to cope with future additions or changes in their inspection needs.
* The camera expansion unit can be connected to the CV-5702 and CV-5502.

11x high-speed cameras [Fastest Available]

The 11X high-speed CCD cameras of the CV-5000 Series are the fastest in their class, easily supporting ultra-high-speed lines and continuously moving targets.

Color type CV-H500C

Monochrome type CV-H500M

5 million pixels

7x high-speed cameras

The 7X high-speed CCD cameras of the CV-5000 Series easily support ultra-high-speed lines and continuously moving targets.

CV-H100C, CV-H100M

CV-H100C [Color type]
CV-H100M [Monochrome type]

CV-H035C, CV-H035M

CV-H035C [Color type]
CV-H035M [Monochrome type]

2 million-pixel cameras

2 million-pixel cameras

Driven by a 2 million-pixel colour CCD, these cameras can process all 2 million image pixels in a single operation.

310,000-pixel cameras

310,000-pixel cameras

The 310,000-pixel cameras use a 2X high-speed progressive-drive CCD to enable full-screen transfer in 16 ms, supporting a wide range of applications.

Side view attachment

Ultra-compact cameras

Compact cameras with the same high performance as other CV-5000 Series cameras. Their small size allows for installation in small spaces normally reserved for photoelectric sensors. A12-mm wide/240,000-pixel type and a 17-mm wide/2 million-pixel type are available. Different resolutions can be selected for different detection tasks. Side view attachments are also available.

CV-S200C, CV-S200M

CV-S200C [2 million-pixel Color type]
CV-S200M [2 million-pixel Monochrome type]

CV-S035C, CV-S035M

CV-S035C [240,000-pixel Color type]
CV-S035M [240,000-pixel Monochrome type]

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