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Intuitive Vision System

CV-5000 series

“Expandable” Controller Architecture

New Controller Architecture Achieves Unparalleled Functionality

“Expandable” controller architecture [World's First]

“Expandable” controller architecture

Enhanced specifications at an efficient cost

The new CV-5000 Series offers two expansion units as add-ons to the main controller: a camera expansion unit and a light control expansion unit. This architecture allows users to control costs by selecting only units which are necessary without losing the flexibility to adapt to future changes.

LED light control expansion unit [World's First]

LED light control expansion unit

Easily control lighting without extra wiring

Each light control expansion unit is equipped with two light terminals. The CV-5000 can control up to 4 expansion units allowing for a total of 8 lamps* to be utilized simultaneously. The controller's camera configuration menu has built-in dimmer controls and configurable lighting patterns. This provides users with complete control of illumination without separate wiring and PLC-based programming. For example, it is possible to set a lamp to strobe with each trigger input, thus extending the life of the lamp. Light intensity can also be altered through the CV user interface and external command controls.

* As long as the total power consumption of the lamps does not exceed the rated power capacity, additional lamps can be connected by using the optional splitter cable. For example, users can connect up to sixteen 10 W lamps.

Application examples using the light control expansion unit

Lamp switching (multi-pattern lighting)
Inspect printing, dimensions, and orientation simultaneously

Low angle lighting is used for printing and dimensional inspections, while coaxial lighting is used to detect orientation. Each trigger input automatically switches between the lamps to perform all the inspections without using a PLC. Each setting can be programmed with up to four lighting patterns.

Coaxial lighting enhances the visibility of the orientation marks in the corners.

Coaxial lighting enhances the visibility of the orientation marks in the corners.

Low angle lighting enhances the printing and leads.

Low angle lighting enhances the printing and leads.

Light intensity presets for each program number allow for
automatic light intensity adjustment based on product

If the color and reflection ratios change based on the type of product being inspected, and if the product moves continuously without stopping, there may be no opportunity to adjust the light intensity without affecting the brightness of the acquired image. In this case, the desired light intensity level for each program number can be set so that it automatically changes based on the specific target properties. This will allow for uninterrupted changeovers without the need for manual adjustment.

Light intensity presets

Lighting control unit CA-DC21E

Lighting Control Unit CA-DC21E

Illumination preset for each preset measurement
Lamps and lighting can be controlled in the controller's menu settings, with up to eight lighting settings without troublesome wiring or control with a PLC.

No controls or wiring necessary

Product changeovers often require an adjustment in the light intensity to match the reflection properties of the product. Conventionally, this was done by a PLC which would change the light intensity settings on the light controller during product changeovers. However, with the CA-DC21E, it is possible to preset and register the appropriate light intensity for each inspection in the controller, without any extra wiring or complicated controls.

No Controls or Wiring Necessary

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