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          Intuitive Vision System

          CV-5000 series

          Troubleshooting Tools

          Long Hours Spent Analyzing Online Testing and Data Collection Are a Thing of the Past with the CV-5000 Series Troubleshooting Tools.

          Statistical processing

          The Statistical function enables the user to store up to 20,000 points of measurement data in the internal memory of the unit and easily check the maximum value, minimum value, average value, standard deviation, NG count, and yield, all without having to connect to an external PC. This function also enables the user to display trend graphs and histograms and make on-the-fly changes to limits based on the results of the gathered data. Up to 1023* previously captured images can also be accessed directly on the graph. (*using the CV-035M or CV-S035M).

          Statistics function

          Image archive and retest function [Best in its class]

          The Image Archive function saves inspected images to the internal memory or a memory card. With this function, the previously failed images can be viewed during operation. The saved images can also be retested using new settings to verify proper operation of any adjustments made to the program.

          Image archive and retest function

          * For images saved to the main unit memory on the CV-5702, the number of images indicates the representative values when the number of cameras to be connected is 1 and the accumulation condition is “all”. For images saved to the 4GB SD card, the number of images indicates the representative values when the number of cameras to be connected is 1.

          Remote operating and data acquisition software [Best in its class]


          The CV-H5N software for the CV-5000 series enables easy data and image logging capabilities as well as a remote PC simulator for programming.

          Data collection

          Data collection

          Transfer and save measurements and image data to your PC. Comes with a sort-and-save function that saves OK and NG screens to separate folders according to the judgment result. Quickly view NG images even if a large quantity of images have been saved to your PC.

          Data logging function

          Collected data can be converted to text data and saved. Collate the saved image data and measurement results, then review the results.

          PC simulator

          PC simulator

          Allows users to remotely modify CV-5000 programs and then transfer the programs to the controller in real time

          Simulation software

          ・Settings can be captured and modified without stopping production.
          ・Share settings with remote factory locations via email
          ・Run simulations on actual test images gathered during production.
          ・Connect up to eight PCs with the communication function.
          After purchasing this software, users must register it through our product support department. For supported OSs, check the CV-5000 PDF.

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