Camber measurement of web material

Camber measurement of web material

Measuring the camber angle of a sheet

Width and camber angle can be measured using multiple sensors and no PC


The simultaneous inspections of camber angle and product width with high accuracy and high speed. Not only width, also edge guiding.


  • LS-9000 series - High-speed optical micrometer

    Industry's fastest optical micrometer. Provides high speed, high accuracy, and has a long product life due to the steady state design.

  • LS-7000 series - High-speed, High-accuracy Digital Micrometer

    An advanced LED micrometer capable of performing accurate measurements for many applications. The LED design provides higher durability than conventional laser scanning micrometers.

  • LS-5000 series - High-speed Laser Scan Micrometer

    High-speed laser scan micrometer operates with up to 4 sets of sensor heads and a single controller. Provides sub micron measurements at production line speeds.

  • LS-3000 series - Laser scan micrometer

    Laser-scanning Outer Diameter Measurement Device that can measure large diameter