Positioning of LCD glass

Positioning of LCD glass

Glass manufacturing

High-speed stable measurements of edge defects in a liquid crystal substrate are possible


Even highly transparent targets can be tracked due to the green LED and adjustable threshold


  • LS-9000 series - High-speed optical micrometer

    Industry's fastest optical micrometer. Provides high speed, high accuracy, and has a long product life due to the steady state design.

  • LS-7000 series - High-speed, High-accuracy Digital Micrometer

    An advanced LED micrometer capable of performing accurate measurements for many applications. The LED design provides higher durability than conventional laser scanning micrometers.

  • LS-5000 series - High-speed Laser Scan Micrometer

    High-speed laser scan micrometer operates with up to 4 sets of sensor heads and a single controller. Provides sub micron measurements at production line speeds.

  • LS-3000 series - Laser scan micrometer

    Laser-scanning Outer Diameter Measurement Device that can measure large diameter

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