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Cooling water flow control

Cooling water flow control


The flow of cooling water, which is essential to product quality, can be monitored without requiring maintenance through the use of the FD-M Series.


Immediately detecting problems with the cooling water system helps to prevent the occurrence of “sink marks” which are caused when fl ow is reduced due to clogged or cracked pipes. With its free flowing design, the FD-M greatly reduces maintenance because not only is buildup less likely to occur, but when it does arise, detection will remain unaffected.


  • The FD-M Series Non-Wetted Electrode Electromagnetic Flow Sensor is the first factory automation flow sensor to adopt a free-flowing structure. Unlike floating-element and paddlewheel devices, the free-flowing structure of the FD-M Series has no moving parts or obstructions in the flow pipe, greatly reducing the risk of clogging. With no moving parts, the sensor is not subject to mechanical wear, which ensures a long service life. There is also virtually no pressure loss in the pipe, so the pump uses even less energy. Unlike conventional electromagnetic systems, this device detects liquid from outside the pipe, making it highly resistant to insulating deposits inside the pipe while minimizing maintenance. Two sensor types are available: one with a separate amplifier that allows flow rate monitoring using the LEDs on the sensor head and one with an integrated amplifier and a dual-row digital display for easy setup.