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Thread detection

Thread detection


While conventional sensors have trouble detecting the presence of threads, the LV-NH32 can easily detect the difference between a tapped and untapped hole. With an unthreaded hole, the sensor's light is trapped and is not returned, but with a threaded hole, much of the light is reflected back to the sensor.


The LV-NH32 has an adjustable beam spot diameter, it can be changed according to the size of the hole and threads, producing extremely stable detection.


  • The LV-N Series features long range with a visible beam spot. The laser head lineup includes both spot and area types along with reflective, retro-reflective, and thrubeam models. The amplifier offers simple setup, straightforward operation, and easy to understand display. Network compatibility is also available with the LV-N Series.

  • The LV Series offers a selection of thrubeam, retro-reflective, and reflective laser sensors.