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Detecting targets in a parts washer

Detecting targets in a parts washer

Parts Washer

With an IP67 enclosure rated sensor, there is no need to worry about it being affected by washing liquids.


By utilizing the LV-H62F laser sensor, it is possible to install the sensor from a remote distance. In addition, with a retro-reflective type sensor, installation is made easy as you only need to install a reflector opposite the sensor head.


  • The LV-N Series features long range with a visible beam spot. The laser head lineup includes both spot and area types along with reflective, retro-reflective, and thrubeam models. The amplifier offers simple setup, straightforward operation, and easy to understand display. Network compatibility is also available with the LV-N Series.

  • The LV Series offers a selection of thrubeam, retro-reflective, and reflective laser sensors.