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Surface inspection of solar battery substrates

Surface inspection of solar battery substrates

The vision system can inspect the surface of the substrate.

Along with the resolution of the 5 million pixel camera to inspect for micro defects, the new Real-time Shade Correction filter and built in detection algorithms of the XG Series allows for high accuracy detection of flaws.


Inspecting for micro-defects with a 2 Mega-pixel camera did not provide sufficient results due to limitations in resolution. The XG Series system and a 5 Mega-pixel high-speed camera is capable of the resolution needed to inspect for micro-defects.


  • Offering a lineup of up to 21 megapixel area cameras and 8K line scan cameras, the XG Series contains powerful vision system technology providing flexibility and power to solve a wide range of applications.

  • The XG Series offers programming directly with the controller or advanced programming using the optional Vision Editor development software.

  • The CV-X Series is an innovative, user-friendly vision system that uses high-speed cameras to solve inspection applications across all manufacturing industries. The CV-X vision system incorporates cameras and lighting to stably image parts in-line to improve efficiency and ensure quality. Industries served include automotive, electronics, medical, food and packaging, and any process that requires inspection on high-volume parts. Common applications include defect detection and surface inspection, presence of parts and features, assembly verification, vision guided robotics, measurement, and code reading.

  • The CV-5000 Series has the largest number of camera types for its class, letting you select the optimum camera for a wide range of applications.

  • Providing the ultimate flexibility with a wide variety of camera choices using the industry's highest-performance image processing engine.