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Checking for missing O-rings during EGR valve assembly

Checking for missing O-rings during EGR valve assembly

Checking for missing O-rings or O-ring misalignment during EGR valve assembly.

1. The color tone variation in die-cast parts caused detection errors when standard machine vision equipment was used for detection. The Pattern Search tool of the XG Series ensures stable detection even when background colors vary. 2. The XG Series has ultra-compact, 12 mm (0.47) square, cameras and side-view attachments that enable sensors to be mounted in small spaces.


Missing O-rings and O-ring misalignment were previously checked visually before press-fitting. It was sometimes difficult to see the parts, and the method was inconsistent. Using machine vision equipment ensures a stable inspection of all parts.


  • Offering a lineup of up to 21 megapixel area cameras and 8K line scan cameras, the XG Series contains powerful vision system technology providing flexibility and power to solve a wide range of applications.

  • The XG Series offers programming directly with the controller or advanced programming using the optional Vision Editor development software.

  • High Performance, Icon-driven system with easy-to-use tools for simple setup by any user.

  • The CV-5000 Series has the largest number of camera types for its class, letting you select the optimum camera for a wide range of applications.

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