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Full 360° 3D Measurement

NEW3D Scanner CMM VL Series

Scan and Measure Large Objects in 3D

The VL-500 automatically recognizes the size of the object and adjusts the scan range to collect data over its entirety.

Measure Complex Objects with High-Resolution

The VL-500 acquires up to 16 million points per scan. High magnification lenses enable fine details to be captured on small objects.

Next-Generation Measurement and Analysis Functions

Numerous measurement options ensure all aspects of an object can be completely evaluated with traceable measurement results.

  • Non-destructive cross-sectional measurement
  • GD&T measurements at the click of a button
  • True-to-life scanning with accurate color information

Compare 3D Scans to CAD or Against Other Parts

Measurement results can be evaluated directly with CAD data.
- Identify deviations from designs
- Analyze differences between good and bad parts
- Inspect for changes caused by product usage and wear

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You can also contact us at: 1-888-539-3623

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