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Do You Know How Many Mistakes Your Inkjet Printer Is Making?

June, 2019

According to the food accident information notification network produced by the Japan Food Industry Association, 19% of the 814 food accidents that occurred in 2015 in Japan were due to mistakes in the displaying of expiration dates. Furthermore, among all the errors caused by expiration date mistakes, 81% were caused by the date being displayed incorrectly. In another 16% of the cases, printed text was missing in whole or in part. This can be prevented by incorporating an inkjet printing system that can lessen and possibly eliminate you printing errors. If you combine an inkjet printer with a vision system you can achieve even greater results.

Nine Reason to Change Your Inkjet Printer and Link with Your Vision System.

1 KEYENCE Inkjet Printers can be installed on packaging machinery already in use

KEYENCE industrial inkjet printers print on targets by spraying ink from a compact head. Both installation and adjustment can be done flexibly, so they can be installed on packaging machinery that is already being used.
This makes it possible to reduce the occurrences of mistakes when printing dates.

2 Quick dry ink

By using quick-drying ink, it is possible to print on any target including plastic marking, regardless of its material. Also, non-contact printing ensures that text is printed with minimal distortion even on curved surfaces, such as when the product is a bottle or jar.

3 Auto-shower cleaning

Conventional automatic cleaning only used solvent to clean the ink paths. With the newly installed auto-shower function, the MK-U is able to clean the ink path and all the parts that are key to maintaining print quality all at once. This results in consistent cleaning without any variations arising from the work of different operators.

4 Eliminate unstable printing

The optimum ink particle status for printing is always fluctuating due to the ambient temperature and ink thickness (viscosity). The MK-U Series senses the ink particles 10 times per second, which enables it to continually maintain the optimum ink particle status. This maintains perfectly printed text at all times, regardless of the surrounding environment.

5 Minimal ink dilution

The device is equipped with a specialized tank (the conditioning tank) and a viscosity sensor for use in collecting the solvent after cleaning. This prevents ink dilution, stabilizing viscosity and therefore maintaining print quality.

6 Installation with no unnecessary costs

In order to synchronize a message printed by any inkjet printer with a vision inspection system on a conventional inkjet, a software is required with an additional cost. With the MK-U Series, these devices can be connected easily with a single cable, which enables printing inspections with no unnecessary costs for creating software.

7 Prevent mistakes when choosing settings

With conventional systems, it was inevitable that inspection mistakes would occur due to incorrect selections when setting the inkjet printer and the vision system separately. When printing settings are switched on the MK-U Series, the inspection settings on the vision system are automatically switched to match, which enables mistake-free inspections.

8 Inspection History can be retained

Using VisionDatabase, a dedicated database, it is possible to save images captured during inspections until a set date. This makes it possible to check inspection results when necessary by searching for date coding info or lot number.

9 Product type differentiation and inspection for dirt can be performed at the same time

In addition to inspections of printed text, it is also possible to inspect for other defects on the printed surface at the same time. The vision system can be used to perform a variety of operations at the same time such as product type differentiation and inspection for dirt. This allows advanced inspections with easy configuration: just read a non-defective work piece.

Preventing accidents before they occur should be a focal point when dealing with inkjet printers. The MK-U6000 combined with the CV-X provides a level of security that no other system can offer. As always, the best place to begin when considering a change in your current method is to evaluate your needs. If you are looking to reduce the amount of accidents that result in preventable loss you should consider the MK-U Series or a combination of the MK-U and the CV-X to help prevent mistakes.