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9/10 Engineers Say Knowing These Machine Vision Tips Were Keys for Success Vol. 3

August, 2020

Do you need a vision system that will simply find a pattern once you teach it what to look for? Look no further than the CV-X and XG-X series vision system from Keyence! With both the Pattern Search and PatternTrax functions, you can teach the system what an optimal pattern looks like, and use that information to track moving parts for more detailed inspection, count the number of parts present, or even pass/fail parts based on how well they match up to the optimal pattern you taught the system.

How do you accurately identify shapes even when images are not stable?

1 Searching with ideal shape registration

PatternTrax- Allows accurate searching even if the capture conditions change from the original registered image. By focusing its search on the shape of the pattern rather than relying solely on shading, PatternTrax can detect parts even when there's overlap, incomplete patterns, inverted tones, and deformities in the profile. This tool can detect up to 2000 targets with a single search and determine the exact X,Y, and Theta location of each pattern. Perfect for vision guided robotics applications!

Reliable detection even with target overlap or partial targets

Search can be performed on up to 2000 targets

Achieving more stable detections with filter processing

2 Supporting low-contrast workpieces (using image enhancement functions)

One of the characteristics of PatternTrax is its performance with low-contrast workpieces, but using the “shading correction” filter, one of the unique image enhancement filters of the CV-X/XG-X Series, makes it possible to detect two alignment marks (the large circumference and the small circle) as shown in the following photograph. The key points are the elimination of periodic shadows through the use of image enhancement and the ability to detect low-contrast marks by using PatternTrax.

Why use pattern tools?

3 Compare patterns to one another

Percent Match- When using PatternTrax and Pattern Search, you can independently adjust the minimum match percentage for detection and judgment of a pattern. For instance, you can set a lower minimum match percentage for detection to ensure a proper count of patterns, but set a higher match percentage for your judgment, so you can reject deformed or incomplete patterns.

Registered image


Unclear profile

Inverted tones

4 Other ways to use pattern tools

Pass/fail based on pattern position, angle, and count. Additionally, use Keyence pattern tools for Vision Guided Robotics.

The position coordinates of multiple parts are output simultaneously