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Touch Panel DisplayVT5 series

15" TFT color touch panel display



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General specifications

Power voltage

24 VDC ±20%

Current consumption

1500 mA or less

Operating ambient temperature

0 to 50°C 32 to 122°F*1

Operating ambient humidity

20 to 85% (no condensation)*2

Storage ambient temperature

−20 to +60°C -4 to +140°F (no freezing)

Storage relative humidity

20 to 85% (no condensation)*2


Construction with IP65F or equivalent dust and water drop protection only for the front operating part of the panel embedded type *3

Operating environment

No dust, corrosive gases, or other harmful substances present

Pollution degree


Overvoltage category


Noise resistance

1500 Vp-p or more, Pulse duration: 1 μs, 50 ns (based on noise simulator)

Withstand voltage

1500 VAC for one minute (between power terminal and housing)

Insulation resistance

50 MΩ or more (between power terminal and housing, with 500 VDC megohmmeter)

Vibration resistance

Intermittent vibration

Frequency: 5 to 9 Hz

Half amplitude: 3.5 mm 0.14"*4

Frequency: 9 to 150 Hz

Acceleration: 9.8 m/s2 32.2'/s2*4

Continuous vibration

Frequency: 5 to 9 Hz

Half amplitude: 1.75 mm 0.07"*4

Frequency: 9 to 150 Hz

Acceleration: 4.9 m/s2 16.1'/s2*4


Approx. 3400 g

Performance specifications


Display elements


Display color

16 million colors

Number of dots

W1024 × H768 dots

Active display area

W304.1 × H228.1mm 11.97" × 8.98"



White LED (Non-replaceable)

Service life (normal temperature andhumidity)

Approx. 50,000 hours



Analog resistive

Operating force

0.98 N or less


1 million operations or more

Screen data internal memory

Memory capacity

256 MB

Calendar timer

Accuracy: ±40 seconds per month at 25°C 77°F, Backup: Primary lithium battery (Service life: 5 years or more at 25°C 77°F)

Data backup

Screen data

Flash ROM

Recording data

SRAM, Backup: Primary lithium battery (Service life: 5 years or more at 25°C 77°F)

RGB input

Display colors

16 million colors

Signal type

Analog RGB

Vertical synchronization frequency

XGA (1024 × 768): 60 Hz
SVGA (800 × 600): 56/60/72/75/85 Hz
VGA (640 × 480): 60/72/75/85 Hz

DVI-D output

Signal type


Vertical synchronization frequency

60 Hz

Output resolution

Full HD*5: W1920 × H1080 dots
XGA: W1024 × H768 dots

*1 This value is applicable only when the VT5 Series is mounted vertically.
*2 If the ambient operating temperature exceeds 40°C 104°F, use the product under conditions where the absolute humidity is 85% RH or less at 40°C 104°F.
*3 When the front USB cover is closed.
*4 Compliant with JIS B3502,IEC 61131-2
Scan times: 10 times in each of X, Y, and Z directions(for 100 min.)
*5 Fixed to XGA when video output is set to Screen displayed on VT.

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