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Programmable Logic ControllerKV-8000 series

32-point/32-point Connector MOSFET (Sink) with Overcurrent Protection



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I/O unit

External connection method

Connector (MIL standard)*1


Number of inputs

32 points

Input mode

24 VDC mode*2

Maximum input voltage

26.4 VDC

Rated input voltage

24 VDC, 4.1 mA

Minimum ON voltage

19 V

Maximum OFF current

1.5 mA

Maximum OFF voltage


Common method

32 points/1 common (2 terminals)*3

Input time constant

25 μs/300 μs*4/1 ms/10 ms

Input impedance

5.6 kΩ


Number of outputs

32 points

Output mode

MOSFET (sink) (with overcurrent protection function)

Rated load

30 VDC, 0.2 A

Leakage current at OFF

100 μA or less

Residual voltage at ON

0.5 VDC or less

Common method

32 points/1 common (2 terminals)*3

Operation time

OFF to ON:150 μs or less , ON to OFF: 300 μs or less

Internal current consumption

65 mA or less


Approx. 130 g

*1 Connectors for connector-type I/O units are not included XC Series Terminal Block Conversion Unit is available.
*2 All terminals are compatible with the 2-wire system (However, EV Series 2-wire system proximity sensors are not supported).
*3 Although there are two input COMs and two output COMs, these COM pairs are the same internally. The input COM and output COM terminals are independent.
*4 Configurable only when KV-8000A/7500/7300/5500/5000/3000 is connected. Cannot be selected when connected to KV-1000/700.

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