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Pulse type positioning unit KV-SH04PL

KV-SH04PL - Pulse type positioning unit

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High-speed positioning unit

No. of control axes

4 axes


Positive (negative) direction limit switch, origin sensor, stop sensor, continuous instant starting, 1 point per axis for 4 points in total, 24 VDC input possible
Forced stop input, 1 point shared by whole axes, 24 VDC input possible
Z-phase input (+) (-), servo end, servo ready, drive alarm, 1 point per axis for 4 points in total, 5 VDC input possible


Pulse output (differential line driver): equivalent to AM26C31 (max. 20 mA), Pulse output (open collector): rated load: 30 VDC, 0.1 A or less
Drive alarm reset, servo ON, deviation counter clear, rated load: 30 VDC, 0.1 A or less

Output frequency

1 Hz to 8 MHz

Output format

Differential line driver output/open collector output (switched per axis via hardware switch)
(1-pulse mode/2-pulse mode/2-phase 1-multiplication/2-phase 2-multiplication/2-phase 4-multiplication)

Control mode

Standard mode, High-speed mode

Control period

Standard mode: 500 μs, High-speed mode: 62.5 μs

Starting time

Standard mode: 500 μs or more, High-speed mode: 8 μs or more (continuous instant starting: 1 μs)

Basic operation

Standard mode: Origin return/JOG, linear interpolation (2 to 4 axes), position control (ABS/INC), speed control (+/- direction)
High-speed mode: Origin return/JOG, position control (ABS/INC), speed control (+/- direction)


Standard mode: Speed change, target change, stop sensor, speed override, stop at specified angle, continuous operation interrupt, forced next point, absolute position follow-up control, sync type follow-up control
High-speed mode: Speed change, target change, stop sensor, continuous instant starting

Position unit

Standard mode: mm, deg (angle), PLS (pulse count), decimal place 0 to 9, unit conversion function
High-speed mode: PLS (pulse count)

Positioning control

Position setting range

-2147483648 to 2147483647

Acceleration/deceleration curve

Standard mode: Linear, SIN
High-speed mode: Linear

Acceleration/deceleration rate

Acceleration/deceleration individual setting

Acceleration/deceleration time

Standard mode: 0 to 65535 ms


0 to 65000, WITH/AFTER mode

Number of points

100 points/axis

Origin return

Origin return method

Dog type (“With Z phase” or “Without Z phase” can be selected by pushing the button), Dog type inching (“With Z phase” or “Without Z phase”)*1,
origin sensor (edge/midpoint/Z-phase), limit switch edge, immediate Z-phase origin return, data set type


Inching (number of pulses can be specified)*1, JOG


Current coordinate teaching

24 V power input (I/O)

24 VDC (-15%/+20%)

5 V power output

5 VDC (±10%), 200 mA or less


Multi-axis simultaneous starting based on unit interrupt/inter-unit synchronization

Internal current consumption

200 mA or less, external I/O: 260 mA or less


Approx. 230 g

*1 High-speed mode cannot be set.

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