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KV-8000 series

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Positioning/Motion Unit 16-axis KV-XH16ML

KV-XH16ML - Positioning/Motion Unit 16-axis 

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Positioning/motion unit

No. of control axes

16 axes (total including virtual axes)

Appropriated device

Relay: 2112 points (132 channels)
Data memory: 4 words

Output format


Connectable CPU unit


Max. number of connectable units



Automatic refresh, direct refresh, synchronous refresh between units

Control mode

Positioning control, Torque control, Speed control, ML-III command, I/O control

Control period

62.5 μs or more (With SV2 Series: 125 μs or more)

Starting time

125 μs

Axis control function execution method

Ladder program, unit program (flow, C language)

Unit program capacity

3 MB (Max. number of blocks: 20000)


Block type

Positioning control block, synchronization control block, speed control block, torque control block, origin return block, current coordinate change block, speed change block, target coordinate change block, continuous positioning start block, “continuous-point number block” continuous–independent/linear interpolation block, continuous–arc interpolation block, continuous positioning complete standby block, calculation block, standby block, program execute block, program stop/restart block, force close program block, unit interrupt block, cam data read/write block, selection branch block, parallel branch block, merge block, GOTO block, start block, end block


Max. number of flows


Number of simultaneous activities

No upper limit


Internal data Memory

524288 words

Position unit

mm, inch, deg (angle), PLS (number of pulses) Decimal point position from 0 to 9 digits, unit conversion function available

Cumulative address

-2147483648 to +2147483647 specification units

Positioning control

Positioning mode

Absolute value/relative value

Position setting range

-2147483648 to +2147483647 specification units


Linear interpolation, arc interpolation, helical interpolation

Single operation address

-2147483648 to +2147483647 specification units

Acceleration/deceleration curve

Linear, SIN

Acceleration/deceleration time

0 to 65535 ms


1 to 65000, WITH/AFTER mode

Sensor positioning

External input-based switching control from speed to position

Number of points

100 points/axis (Trajectory control at 100 points or more possible with flows)

Special function

Synchronous tracking control, absolute position tracking control

Synchronization control


External reference, instruction coordinates, current coordinates

Input filter

Interference prevention function


Select from direct, slide, and follow-up


Resolution: 2048 to 32768 Data points: 4 to 64 (changes according to the resolution)

Compensation during operation

Compensation via auxiliary input, phase compensation, and step angle compensation

Origin return

Origin return method

Data set type, dog type (push),
dog type (selectable from “with Z phase” or “without Z phase”),
dog type sizing (selectable from “with Z phase” or “without Z phase”),
immediate Z phase, origin sensor and Z phase,
rising edge of limit switch,
origin sensor midpoint/rising edge


JOG (high speed/low speed), inching (specifiable pulses)


Current coordinate teaching

Memory data

Point parameters (each axis), synchronization parameters (each axis), cam data, unit program, servo parameters, setting read/write during RUN (with some restrictions)

Output display

LINK, CONNECT, error status

Self-diagnosis function

Diagnosis can be made through hardware errors, various parameter errors, error numbers, and error messages

Parameter setting

Parameters can be set from KV STUDIO, ladder programs, and unit programs (flow)

Data backup

Coordinates: nonvolatile memory backup (unlimited) Parameter settings: flash ROM backup (20000 switches)

Internal current consumption

400 mA or less


Approx. 280 g

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