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Programmable Logic Controller

KV Nano series


For Editing

Unit Editor

The Unit Editor allows total management from system configuration, setting, and monitoring. You can save the tedious processes of initial settings using ladder programs as much as possible and does not require manuals.

Unit Editor

RT editing/unused device search function

When you enter a device comment, candidates are displayed according to the registered device comments. This saves steps to look up device numbers every time. When you want to know a free number, you can type "?" to display the list of possible numbers.

RT editing/ Unused device search function

KV Script

KV Script is a language which enables easy writing of calculations and data processing which were difficult to write with conventional ladder programs. You can write programs without concern for capitalisation or spaces.

KV Script

XYM display/Key customisation function

In addition to KEYENCE standard formats, GPPQ, GPPA, and CX formats are available for input. Moreover, you can customise the shortcut key assignments to configure an operating environment as you like.

XYM display/Key customisation function

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