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Super-small Programmable Logic Controller with Built-in Display

Visual KV series

[Discontinued product]

This product has been discontinued.

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Access Window Function

Monitor Operation and Make Changes Without a PC

Monitoring Operation or Making Minor Changes

Built in access window

The Visual KV CPU features a built-in display (Access Window) that allows the PLC's data to be checked upon start-up, as well as during modifications or changeovers. Using the Access Window, a PC or handheld programmer is not required to monitor operation or perform minor changes to the program.

Modifying Device Values

Data memory

When checking or changing some device values, the PLC does not need to be connected to either a PC or handheld programmer.

On-the-fly Changes

Digital trim

Precise on-line adjustments to internal devices, such as a timer, can be made while the PLC is operating.

Program Check

Mode indicator

The user can stop the PLC and check the program without connecting to a PC or handheld programmer.

Key Lock Function

The Visual KV features a key lock function to prevent accidental changes to the settings

Error Message Function

Error message

Error codes are immediately displayed on the LCD. With a conventional PLC, the PLC has to be connected to a handheld programmer in order to determine the error code.

User message function

User message

With a simple ladder program, a flashing LED display message (No.0 to 255) can appear, indicating a user error code.

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