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Universal Inkjet PrinterMK-U series

Universal inkjet printer: Yellow ink


[Discontinued model]

This model has been discontinued.

Compliance with the certification standard is ensured as of the time of shipment from our company.

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Yellow ink type

Touch panel console


PC software


Character height

1 to 12 mm 0.04" to 0.47"

Ink model

Yellow ink MK-30

Ink color


Maximum number of printable lines


Dot configuration (vertical)

5, 7, 9, 10, 12, 14, 16, 24, 32 dots


Original, Mincho, Gothic

Character type

Alphabetic characters, numbers, katakana, hiragana, symbols, kanji (JIS levels 1 and 2), Chinese (GB2312), Latin characters, logotypes, custom characters (fonts created by users)


CODE39, ITF, NW7 (Codabar), 2of5, CODE128, JAN/UPC, check digit addition function (except for 2of5)

2D code

QR code models 1 and 2, micro QR, DataMatrix (ECC200), GS1 DataMatrix

Head distance

15 mm 0.59" (24 dots or less), 20 mm 0.79" (25 dots or more), 35 mm 1.38"

Head direction

All directions

Positioning guide

Guide printing, guide beam emission

Max. printing speed

2525 characters/s*2

Print data registration

500 settings

Memory card

USB memory device*3


Automatic calendar, expiration date, hold printing for desired time, automatic counter, 2- to 36-number system counter, automatic operation, character direction setting (90, 180, 270 degrees), double-width character, logo creation, font creation, character height and width adjustment, sensor pass filter, workpiece-stop alarm, constant number setting at input, barcode comparison setting switch, automatic setting switch at print completion (group printing), terminal block monitor, communication buffer, error level change

Maintenance function

Automatic nozzle cleaning, ink draining, internal cleaning, jet operation (nozzle and gutter suction, intermittent spraying), error display, error history, maintenance history, internal path monitor, maintenance guidance, error clearing guidance, auto-shower, sleep mode, path recovery

Input (NPN/PNP)

Printing start, encoder (A, B), setting number selection, setting number switching, printing start disabling, printing stop, printing direction switching, counter/group reset, counter increase (startup), counter decrease (shut down), error clearing

Output (NPN/PNP)

Error, caution, printing ready, setting switch ready, busy (printing), printing complete, counter complete (image capture trigger), service power supply (24 V)

Console display language

English, Japanese, Chinese, Portuguese, Spanish, Thai


RS-232C, Ethernet (100Base-TX/10Base-T)

Print head cable length

4 m 13.1'

Console cable length


Power voltage

100 to 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz

Power consumption

190 VA

Environmental resistance

Enclosure rating


Ambient temperature

+5 to +40 °C 41 to 104 °F

Storage temperature

-10 to +60 °C 14 to 140 °F (No condensation)

Relative humidity

0 to 90 % RH


Stainless steel


465 × 388 × 499 mm 18.31" × 15.28" × 19.65" (W × D × H)



31.0 kg


1.9 kg

*1 Supported OS: Windows Vista/7/8 (Windows is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation.)
*2 5-dot character, 1-line printing with 1-dot character spacing
*3 Usable size: 65 × 25 × 18 mm 2.56" × 0.98" × 0.71" (W × D × H) max.
*4 The print head does not support this ingress protection rating. For details on its installation, see the instruction manual.

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