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Large Diameter Telecentric Lens

Achieves a Uniform Beam Spot Beam in All Areas

Telecentric Lens

Because the entry angle is completely perpendicular to the marking area, the beam spot will not become elliptical in shape, even at area edges. Through this, uniform marking has been achieved throughout the entire area. This also aids in cutting or processing applications to ensure a uniform cut in the entire marking area.

Ultra-high definition marking

(Using an Fθ lens)

CONVENTIONAL (Using an Fθ lens)

At the edge, the focus blurs, changing the depth and the shape of the beam spot.

(Z-axis control)

3-Axis Telecentric Lens (Z-axis control)

Even at the edge, it is in focus but its shape has become elliptical due to the entry angle.

Telecentric Lens

Telecentric Lens

Even at the edge of the area, the beam spot does not change from the center.