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          Telecentric Green Laser Marker

          MD-T series

          Thermopile Power Monitor

          Improved "Stability and Accuracy"

          What is a thermopile?

          Can be measured in absolute values to achieve more accurate equipment maintenance.

          3 advantages that are possible due to its internalized power monitor
          [ Advantage 01 ]
          Safely automates measurement

          Eliminates exposure of maintenance personnel to harmful radiation and inaccuracies caused from human error. Measurements can now be performed with a single push of a button.

          [ Advantage 02 ]

          Automatically corrects laser output using the auto-calibration setting. Marks will never change in appearance even after long term use because the system corrects for natural power loss.

          [ Advantage 03 ]
          Marking energy check

          The energy of each mark can be measured and checked in real time for every mark. If the power level changes a warning output will be sent from the laser.

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