Telecentric Green Laser Marker

MD-T series

1. Ultra-high definition marking

Because the entry angle is completely perpendicular to the marking area, the beam spot will not become elliptical in shape, even at area edges. Through this, uniform marking has been achieved throughout the entire area. This also aids in cutting or processing applications to ensure a uniform cut in the entire marking area.

Ultra-high definition marking

2. ULTRA-SMALL SPOT BEAM ø20 μm ø0.79 Mil SHG laser

The MD-T1000 is equipped with a SHG (wavelength: 532 nm) laser. Compared to the standard wavelength, SHG has a high absorption rate for a variety of materials, making it possible to limit heat stress. By combining this with a 20 μm 0.79 Mil beam spot, it is possible to create characters without causing unwanted damage to the surface of the target and limiting the amount of heat transfer.

ULTRA-SMALL SPOT BEAM ø20 μm ø0.79 Mil SHG laser

3. Unparalleled accuracy and stability

The MD-T1000 has a highly rigid, monocoque body that limits warping under stress and temperature changes.
By adopting a single-body structure, it achieves a degree of accuracy and stability that until now could not be successfully attained with a conventional laser marker.

Unparalleled accuracy and stability

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