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          3-Axis CO2 Laser MarkerML-Z series

          3Axis-CO2 Laser Marker / Head (Thin Line/Short Wavelength/CSA Certified)



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          Thin laser beam Marking unit




          MC-P1 (Color touch panel)

          Marking style

          XYZ 3-Axis simultaneous scanning method

          Marking laser


          CO2 Laser, Class 4 Laser Product (IEC/EN60825-1, JIS C6802, FDA (CDRH) Part 1040.10*1)


          9.3 µm 0.37 Mil


          20 W*2

          Guide laser / working distance pointer

          Semiconductor laser, Wavelength: 655 nm, Output: 1.0 mW Class 2 Laser (IEC/EN60825-1, JIS C6802, FDA (CDRH) Part 1040.10*1)

          Marking area

          50 × 50 × 4 mm 1.97" × 1.97" × 0.16"

          Standard working distance (±variation width)

          92 mm 3.62" (±2 mm ±00.8")

          Marking resolution

          1 µm 0.04 Mil

          Scan speed

          6,000 mm 19.69'/s max.

          Character type


          KEYENCE original font (numerical value, alphabet, katakana, hiragana and kanji) / user font / TrueType font / OpenType font*3



          2D code

          QR code / micro QR code / DataMatrix (ECC200 / GS1 DataMatrix)

          GS1 DataBar

          GS1 DataBar (Truncated)/GS1 DataBar Stacked/GS1 DataBar Limited/
          GS1 DataBar (Truncated) CC-A/GS1 DataBar Stacked CC-A/GS1 DataBar Limited CC-A

          Logo image

          Custom font, logo (CAD) data BMP/JPEG/PNG/TIF

          Marking conditions

          Marking style

          Stationary marking / movement marking (constant speed / encoder)

          Character size (height × width)

          0.1 to 50 mm 0.004" to 1.97"

          Number of registered programs

          2,000 settings max.

          Number of blocks

          256 blocks

          Input / Output

          Terminal block input and output / MIL connector input and output / European input and output


          RS-232C/USB2.0/Ethernet (100BASE-TX/10BASE-T)*4

          Marking unit installation direction

          All directions

          Marking unit cable length

          5 m 16.40'

          Cooling method

          Forced air cooling

          Overvoltage category


          Pollution degree


          Rated voltage and power consumption

          Single-phase 100 to 240 VAC ±10 %, 50/60 Hz, 1,000 VA max.

          Environmental resistance

          Ambient temperature

          0 to 40 °C 32 to 104 °F

          Relative humidity

          30 to 85 %, No condensation

          Ambient temperature for storage

          −10 to +60 °C 14 to 140 °F, No freezing

          Ambient humidity for storage

          30 to 85 %, No condensation


          16.3 kg

          Compatible regulations

          EU Directives/EN Standards, CSA Standards and UL Standards, North American Regulations

          *1 The laser classification for FDA (CDRH) is implemented based on IEC60825-1 in accordance with the requirements of Laser Notice No.50.
          *2 Laser tube monolithic output
          *3 The only TrueType and OpenType fonts supported are those fonts whose “Font embeddability” property is set to “Installable” or “Editable”. This property can be viewed from the Properties dialog box of the font shown on the [Fonts] screen in [Control Panel].
          *4 The USB port is designed for use with USB memory sticks, USB mouses, barcode readers (A connector), and Marking Builder 3 (ActiveX) (B connector). The Ethernet port supports communication with Marking Builder 3 (ActiveX), TCP/IP communication,PROFINET connection, and EtherNet/IPTM connection.

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