High-Accuracy 2D Laser Displacement Sensor

LJ-G5000 series

Adjustment Functions

The Design Concept is "Easy for anyone". The Simple Setting Menu is The First In Its Class and Adjustment Functions are Added for Different Applications.

Position adjustment function

After the adjustment, the LJ-G Series can provide stable measurements though the targets are not neatly arranged or positioned.

Displacement of target

Displacement of target

measuring range: before

Since the workpiece is not in the measuring range, a precise measurement cannot be carried out.

measuring range: after

The measuring range moves according to the displacement of the workpiece for precise measurement.

Inclination adjustment

This cuts time for adjusting the installation of the sensor head and eliminates measurement errors.

Inclination Adjustment

Inclination of the sensor head to the workpiece

measuring range: before

Due to the inclination of the sensor head, the workpiece is not properly measured.

measuring range: after

The inclination adjustment adjusts the angle of the sensor head for precise measurement.

Profile link function

When two sensor heads are connected to a controller in parallel, the profiles are linked as a single profile. This significantly cuts time to adjust two sensor heads and eliminates measurement errors.

Profile Link Function

Installation displacement of two sensor heads

measuring range: before

The profiles of two sensor heads are not linked.

measuring range: after

The Profiles link function links the profiles from two sensor heads as a profile for precise measurement.

Tips of Measurement

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