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Blue Laser Optical System

Advanced technology delivers ultra-high speed and stability

Provides optimal stability and accuracy on a wide variety of targets.

The LJ-V7000 Series is the first 3D laser inspection system in the world to utilize a blue laser. A sharp line beam is formed on the light-receiving element by focusing a short wavelength (405nm) laser to its diffraction limit with a 2D Ernostar lens. This generates a stabilized high-precision profile ensuring optimal accuracy and limiting image blur. Also, the output intensity of the laser source has been optimized to provide a clear return even on targets with a wide range of reflectivities.

Red laser (conventional)/Blue laser (LJ-V)

Measurement principle

A laser beam that has been expanded into a line is diffusely reflected from the surface of the target. This reflected light is formed on the HSE3-CMOS and by detecting changes in the position and shape of the reflection, it is possible to measure the position of various points along the surface of the target.

Measurement principle

[1] Cylindrical lens
[2] Semiconductor Laser
[3] GP64-Processor
[4] 2D Ernostar lens
[5] HSE3-CMOS Sensor

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