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          High-speed, High-accuracy Digital Micrometer

          LS-7000 series

          • High-performance LED/CCD Optical Micrometer

          High-performance LED/CCD Optical Micrometer

          Micrometer Controller features Easy Operation and Quick Inspection

          High-performance Controller with On-board Statistical Analysis Tools

          LS-7000 Micrometer controller

          Easy Set-up Using Interactive Menus

          A simple, interactive menu is used for set-up. The special remote control console (supplied) further improves the ease of operation.

          Integrated, Ultra-compact Design

          All necessary interfaces are included: RS-232C output, BCD 2-channel output, I/O 2-channel input/output, and analog 2-channel output. There is no need to add optional interfaces at an extra cost.

          LS-7000 Target viewer for position adjustment

          Target viewer for easy position adjustment

          The measuring head incorporates a CMOS monitor camera to capture a real-time image of a target.The measurement condition can then be checked on the LCD monitor. The target viewer function allows for easy alignment of the optical axis to the desired measurement point even if the target has a complicated shape or is very small. The measuring area for the current measurement mode is displayed in real time.

          2-channel connection & Multiple I/O

          2-channel connection & Multiple I/O

          The compact controller measuring only one-quarter of conventional models allows connection of two sets of scanning heads. This enables simultaneous measurement and comparison. Various interfaces are also featured, including RS-232C input/output, 2 channel BCD output, 2 channel I/O, and 2 channel analog output.

          LS-7000 for easy operation

          Standard controller for easy operation in factories

          Lower cost and easier operation with the same basic features

          The extra-large LED offers the industry's largest characters of 20.3 mm 0.8" in height. The displayed values can be seen clearly, even from a distance or in the dark. The characters on the LED display for the tolerance setting are also as large as 9.9 mm 0.38" high to prevent setting errors.

          LS-7000 digital buttons for tolerance setting

          Digital buttons for tolerance setting

          The LS-7001 is designed for easy factory operation. The tolerances, which are changed frequently, are set using digital up/down buttons.

          Various functions

          Self-timing function

          The controller starts synchronization automatically and performs predefined measurement when a target enters the optical axis.

          Abnormal value ignore function

          This function ignores abnormal values exceeding a preset value to prevent malfunctions caused by dust or other irrelevant factors.

          24 types of computation functions

          The controller is complete with 24 types of computation functions that make the most of the 2-head and 2-channel output.

          Auto-zero/offset function

          The measured value can be reset to “0” by using a master target, or it can be set to a reference value for master adjustment.

          Calibration function

          This function makes it possible to calibrate measuring values using actual reference targets or to calibrate values theoretically.

          16 selectable programs

          Up to 16 programs including the measuring area and tolerance can be stored in the memory for each target.

          • High-performance LED/CCD Optical Micrometer

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