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          High-speed, High-accuracy Digital Micrometer

          LS-7000 series

          • PC Base Software

          PC Base Software

          Easy Setup and Control Functions

          Setting support software

          Convenient operation and setup with a computer connection

          Using the RS-232C port a PC can be connected.
          You can control the LS-7000 Series from configuration to data management.

          Easy setting/Setting data backup function

          data buckup function

          The controller settings can be stored and backed up in the PC. The measurement condition setting can also be configured or changed on the PC and transferred to the controller. The setting is easy by just selecting menus with the aid of illustrations and explanation.

          Logging function

          logging function

          The setting data can be transferred directly to Excel in real time. There is also a function to display the measured values on the PC screen, enabling traceability management or the preparation of quality data reports.

          • PC Base Software

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