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VHX-2000 series

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Advanced Observation

Exceeding the resolution capabilities of an optical microscope

Super Resolution Imaging [World's First]

Increases the image resolution by changing the wavelength of light

By employing a blue filter and pixel shift technology, super resolution imaging that exceeds the limitations of an optical system is possible. Utilizing short-wavelength blue light, the VHX-2000 is capable of capturing super resolution images that are impossible to obtain with white light. This super resolution digital microscope is possible by KEYENCE’s original pixel shift technology.

Optimized filter switching based on a target's surface

Based on the object being viewed, different wavelengths of light will bring out different features. With blue light, the short wavelength will provide detailed surface information. The long wavelength of the red filter will penetrate the surface coating and generate an image of layers below the top surface.


54 Million Pixel 3CCD Camera [World's First]

2.11 million pixels/54 million pixels

Equipped with the world's smallest drive mechanism, the VHX Series achieves the best resolution by capturing up to a 54 megapixel image through the pixel-shift method. The drive mechanism is able to shift the CCD in sub-pixel units and record images that have two times the resolution of conventional images.
*The 18 million pixels x 3CCD mode achieves both excellent color reproduction and high resolution images.

High Dynamic Range [HDR] Function


Printed material

High Dynamic Range [HDR]

The camera captures multiple color images at different brightness levels by varying the shutter speed, and then produces an image with high level gradation data. The range of obtainable brightness widens, resulting in the accurate representation of targets with glare as well as rendering detailed images of areas with low color gradation.

8 bit/16 bit

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