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VHX-2000 series

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This product has been discontinued.

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Automatic Measurement

Advanced automatic measurement functions

One-Click Auto-Measurement [Industry’s first]

[Automatic edge extraction, Save measurement templates]

Until now, it was necessary to complete all measurements independently with the mouse. With the VHX-2000, multiple measurements are saved to a template (template data) and pattern matching technology is used to match the template to enable automatic batch measurement. Also, with the automatic edge extraction function, there is minimal variation in measurements from user to user. When performing the same measurement either multiple times on a single sample or a single measurement on multiple samples, it is possible to significantly reduce the time that is spent measuring.

Save template/1-click auto-measurement

With template saving and automatic edge extraction

Shortened time

Maximum Area Measurement

Probe dent (1000×)

Instantly measures the largest target area within a user-specified field by simply selecting the area with the mouse. Measurements can be performed with ease even when measuring complicated shapes.

Automatic Area Measurement/Count

[Area Measurement, Binary conversion, Grain (colony) count]

Easily perform area measurements or use the count tool for targets in a specified range. It is also possible to remove unnecessary items and separate overlapping items. Anyone can operate automatic measurement, making it possible to perform analysis with high accuracy.

Binary processing

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