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VHX-2000 series

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This product has been discontinued.

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Easy Operation for Everyone

Freedom and Flexibility with the Console and Joystick

The console is designed to help perform observation more quickly and easily. Equipped with a joystick that controls the stage and shortcut buttons for frequently used functions, the VHX-2000 achieves clear observation of any target with just a push of a button. It is possible to adjust the stage and perform observation just by manipulating the joystick.

Optimal Image function


By simply pushing the Optimize button, nine different lighting scenarios are displayed. From there, you can quickly select the image that is ideal for observing your target. Since the images are automatically generated, users can repeatedly produce the same image conditions.

Easy select the ideal image!

Light Shift function


Simply pushing the Light Shift button on the console instantly changes the illumination mode. The lighting can be switched from full illumination, to partial illumination that enhances the projections and depressions of the target.

Metal surface (250×)

Image Stabilization function


Through advanced image processing, the VHX-2000 is able to correct for position misalignments in an image at the sub-pixel level. This function makes it possible to perform high-magnification observation without being affected by environmental vibration.

LCD color filter (500×)

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