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VHX-2000 series

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This product has been discontinued.

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Basic Concepts

Why do over 10,000 companies worldwide use the VH Series?

People choose the VH Series next generation microscope system because of the following four main features.

Cost-effective Solution 4 Microscopes in a Single System

Achieves 0.1 to 5000√ówith a single unit

Large Depth-of-field

Easily capture fully-focused, high-resolution images

Conventional Microscope/VHX Series

Observe an object from any angle

Conventional Microscope/VHX Series

Versatile & Highly Accurate Dimensional Measurement

Conventional/VH Series

Easy-to-use System with Simple One-push Operation and Recording

With just the push of a button


Save captured images to HDD

The main unit has been equipped with a large-capacity HDD. Files can also be saved to a network or USB.

Depth composition & 3D observation

3D display

View the optimal image

Automatically generates nine different images - you simply select the best one.

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