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          All-in-one Fluorescence MicroscopeBZ-X series

          All-in-One Fluorescence Microscope


          [Discontinued model]

          This model has been discontinued.

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          Microscope unit

          Basic optical system

          Inverted fluorescence phase contrast microscope

          Objective lenses

          Nikon CFI 60 Series infinite optical system

          Observation modes

          Bright field, Fluorescence (wide-field/sectioning), Phase contrast (PhL, Ph1, Ph2), Oblique illumination

          Objective lens switching

          Six-mount electronic revolver

          Image-formation optical system

          Fixed image-forming lens, electronic LC filter insertion / removal unit

          Electronic XY stage

          100×64 mm stroke, 1 um pitch min.

          Electronic Z stage

          8 mm stroke, 0.1 um pitch min.

          Electronic filter turret

          Up to four filters can be mounted. Automatic position recognition and automatic excitation shutdown during filter replacement

          Fluorescent incident illumination

          Optical sectioning system

          Fluorescence dimming mechanism

          Electronic dimming (0.3% 5% 10% 20% 40% 100%)

          Transmitted illumination optical system

          Operating distance : 30 mm, Pop-up mechanism (with automatic lamp off function)

          Transmitted illumination mechanism

          Electronic switching, Electronic bright-field aperture (0% 20% 40% 60% 80% 100%) / Phase-contrast slit (Ph1 / Ph2)

          Transmitted light source

          LED 3.7W , 50,000 hours (average)

          Fluorescent incident light source

          Metal halide lamp 80W , 2,000 hours (average)

          Specimen enclosure

          The stage is fully contained in a built-in darkroom.

          Camera unit

          Image pick-up element

          2 / 3 inch, 2.83 million pixel monochrome CCD (colourised with LC filter)

          CCD cooling mechanism

          Peltier cooling : 5°C 41°F (at ambient temperature of –25°C -13°F)

          Output signal, gradations

          Monochrome 14bit / 8bit , 8 bit for RGB each

          Frame rate

          15 fps for monochrome recording (up to 95 fps with binning), 8.5 fps for color recording


          On-chip binning (2×2、3×3、4×4、8×8、12×12)

          Number of pixels in recorded image

          4,080 × 3,060 max (12.5 million pixels, high-quality interpolation)

          Video capture

          8-bit monochrome: 15 fps for 1,280 x 960
          With binning: 28 fps for 960 x 720, 40 fps for 640 x 480, 50 fps for 480 x 360, 75 fps for 240 x 180, 95 fps for 160 x 120
          Color: 8.5 fps for 1,280 x 960

          Electronic shutter

          Auto : 1 / 7500 to 60 sec. (77 increments)

          Auto Exposure method

          Arbitrary area, average / peak



          White balance

          MANUAL, PUSH-SET

          Black balance

          Observation software

          Multi-color image capturing, Auto focus, Quick full-focusing, Scale display, Electronic revolver control, Electronic stage control


          Applicable OS

          Windows7 Professional 64bit SP1*1

          PC interface


          Ambient temperature

          +15 to +35°C 59 to 95°F

          Relative humidity

          35 to 80% RH (No condensation)


          Head : 517 (H) × 340 (W) × 496 (D) mm*2 / Controller : 227.5 (H) × 125 (W) × 403 (D) mm


          Head : 33 kg / Controller : 4.8 kg

          Power voltage

          100 to 240 VAC ±10% 50 / 60 Hz

          Power consumption


          Overvoltage category


          Pollution degree


          Software (optional)

          Sectioning Module

          Optical sectioning image mode

          Advanced Observation Module


          Navigation, Image stitching, Z-stack image capturing, Coordinate-specific condition setting

          Navigation Module


          Image stitching Module

          Image stitching, Z-stack image capturing, Coordinate-specific condition setting

          Time-lapse Module

          Time-lapse imaging, Video capturing

          Advanced Analysis Software

          Image stitching, Haze reduction, Full focus

          Measurement Module

          XY measurement, Area measurement, Brightness measurement (line profile, histogram)

          3D Module

          Real-time 3D analysis, XYZ slicing, Maximum projection

          Hybrid Cell Count Module

          Cell count (phase contrast, bright field, fluorescence images), Mask cell count

          Macro Cell Count Module

          Macro Cell Count (batch analysis of multiple images)

          *1 Windows 7 is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation, U.S.A..)
          *2 With the front panel closed.


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