Clamp-On Air Flow Sensor

FD-EC series

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Clamp-On Air Flow Sensor FD-EC series

New Clamp-On Air Flow Monitoring for Tubes

  • Zero risk of pressure loss, clogging, or contamination
  • Ultra compact and lightweight
  • Simple part selection

FD-EC series - Clamp-On Air Flow Sensor

The FD-EC Series Clamp-On Air Flow Sensor easily mounts to the outside of any tube, eliminating the risks & headaches found with conventional in-line flow sensors. With its ability to monitor a wide range of flow rates and clamp on to any tube, the FD-EC Series provides significant versatility. This series also features a high-precision display that clearly conveys the status of the flow meter, allowing for straightforward operation.


Risk-Free Installation

With its ability to clamp-on to the outside of any tube, the FD-EC Series Air Flow Sensor eliminates the risk of pressure loss, clogging, air leakage, and contamination commonly caused by convention in-line air flow sensors. Because no tube modifications are necessary for installation, the FD-EC Series eliminates downtime and the need to shut off the air supply.

Conventional Unit

  • Clogs due to multi-layer mesh structure
  • Leaks from coupling

FD-EC Series

  • Zero risk of pressure loss, clogging or contamination
  • Zero air leakage

Ultra-Compact and Lightweight

With its ultra-compact style body, the FD-EC Series can be mounted anywhere, even in areas with limited space between air tubes. This series is also incredibly lightweight, eliminating the need for additional mounting brackets.

Polyurethane / PFA / Nylon

Easy Model Selection

Many conventional air flow sensors support a limited flow rate range, making it difficult to select a model that is compatible with both the correct tube diameter and flow rate. With the FD-EP Series, each model offers an extensive flow range and is compatible with a variety of tubes, making it easier than ever to select the right product.