Air Flow and Pressure Dual Sensor

FD-EP series

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Air Flow and Pressure Dual Sensor FD-EP series

New Flow and Pressure Monitoring Allows for Easy Understanding of Pneumatic Equipment

  • Dual sensing of flow and pressure
  • Zero risk of clogging
  • Selection is easy

FD-EP series - Air Flow and Pressure Dual Sensor

The compact case of the FD-EP Series houses a flow sensor and a pressure sensor, making it easy to diagnose the status of pneumatic equipment. The specialized application makes predictive maintenance of cylinders, suction transferring, seating, and air blowers easy and allows for real-time diagnosis. The free flowing structure prevents pressure loss and clogging and supports small and large flows. When selecting the sensor, just choose the one that matches your tube diameter. The high-definition display allows for intuitive operation with no need for an instruction manual. This one device can handle applications in which gases flow forward and backward such as cylinder forward and backward motion and the suctioning and vacuum destruction during suction transferring.


Pressure × Flow

Dual Sensing of Flow and Pressure

Air pressure and air flow in a single unit opens up full understanding of pneumatic equipment on the machine. Knowing pressure and air flow at the same time allows us to predict component failures before unexpected downtime occurs. With 4 built-in application modes programmed into the sensor, increased machine uptime will be more achievable.

Zero Risk of Clogging

The FD-EP Series has a free flowing structure with no protrusions or obstructions in the flow path. Therefore, there is no need to worry about clogging or pressure loss caused by the flow sensor itself. The ease of installation and increased longevity will lead to increased uptime.

Conventional Unit

Pressure loss and clogging caused due to rectifier mesh plate inside.

FD-EP Series

Free flowing structure

There are no protrusions or obstructions that can cause pressure loss or clogging.

Comparison of rated flow ranges (example with ø8 0.31" tube and air pressure of 0.4 MPa)

Selection Is Easy

Conventional air flow sensors have a different rated flow range depending on the model, even for the same tube diameter, making it difficult to find the appropriate model for different applications. The FD-EP Series can handle flows ranging from minute to large, eliminating the need to worry about the rated flow. Choosing a product is as easy as selecting the tube diameter.