Air Flow and Pressure Dual Sensor

FD-EP series

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Sensor head Outer diameter of pipe ø6 FD-EPH6

FD-EPH6 - Sensor head Outer diameter of pipe ø6

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Pipe size

Outer diameter of pipe

ø6 0.24" *1

Compatible outer diameter range


6.0 ±0.1 mm
0.24" ±0.004"


6.0 ±0.08 mm
0.24" ±0.003"

Pipe materials

Resin pipe connectible to a one-touch coupling

Supported gases

Air, nitrogen, argon, and non-corrosive gases*2

Supported gas temperature

−10°C to +60°C 14 to 140°F

Pressure resistance

1 MPa

Flow rate detection principle

Ultrasonic transmission time difference method

Flow rate specifications

Rated flow rate

(volume flow rate)

60 L/min 2.12 CFM

(20°C 68°F, atmospheric pressure conversion) * Initial display

Gas at 20°C 68°F, 0.0 MPa

Gas at 20°C 68°F, 0.2 MPa

180 L/min 6.35 CFM

Gas at 20°C 68°F, 0.4 MPa

300 L/min 10.59 CFM

Gas at 20°C 68°F, 0.6 MPa

420 L/min 14.8 CFM

Measurement accuracy

±(2.0% of RD+1.0% of F.S.)*3*4


Response time of 250 ms: ±2.5% of F.S.*3*5

Pressure specifications

Rated pressure

−100 kPa to +0.75 MPa * However, the flow rate cannot be measured in the range of −100 to −50 kPa.

Overall accuracy

±2.0% of F.S.*3


Response time of 2.5 ms: ±0.4% of F.S.

Display resolution

Instantaneous flow

0.01/0.1 L/min

Accumulated flow

0.01/0.1/1/10/100 L


0.1/1 kPa

Environmental resistance

Enclosure rating

IP65 (IEC60529)

Ambient temperature

−10°C to +60°C 14 to 140°F (no freezing)

Relative humidity

35%RH to 85%RH (no condensation)

Vibration resistance

10 to 500 Hz, power spectral concentration: 0.816 G2/Hz, XYZ axes

Shock resistance

100 m/s2, 16 ms pulse, XYZ axes, 1000 times for each axis


Sensor unit (parts that do not contact the gas)

PBT/PAR/iron/brass/POM/NBR/stainless steel/aluminum

Flow channel (parts that contact the gas)

PBT/nickel-plated brass/NBR/nylon


Approx. 127 g 4.48 oz

*1 To ensure stable detection, it is recommended to use a pipe inner diameter that is at least equivalent to the inner diameter of this product.
*2 Gases that transmit ultrasonic waves. Measurement may be unstable due to the pressure inside of the pipe and the type of gas.
*3 This value is guaranteed by KEYENCE inspection facilities. Errors will be introduced by factors such as the condition and type of pipes as well as the temperature and type of gas.
*4 This specification is valid when sufficient straight sections of pipe are provided and the flow velocity distribution is stable. This value does not take into account the effects of fluctuations in flow velocity distribution due to facility factors.
*5 Accuracy improves with longer response times. As a rule, this is by a proportion of √(250 ms/response time)x.

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