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Non-Wetted Electrode Electromagnetic Flow Sensors

FD-M series

For Injection Molding Machines

Flow control in injection molding machines

Application Study Vol.3

Application Study Vol.3

[1] Mold cooling

Mold cooling

[2] Hopper gate cooling

Hopper gate cooling

Optimum temperature in plastic molding machines

Variations in mold temperature can lead to sink marks, short shots, cracks, and other defects. Keeping the mold as close as possible to the optimum temperature is very important. Flow control is the most important factor in controlling this variable. Because plastic molding machines generally operate on long cycles, maximum daily production volume is based on machine capacity. If downtime is a result of defective products or mechanical issues, production cannot resume until the mold temperature is stabilized.

Restarting the molding process while the temperature of the mold is still unstable will produce products that are defective. It generally takes about two hours of waiting time until production can be resumed, resulting in huge losses. Due to this lengthy recovery time, temperature related downtime can lead to production schedules not being met. A single problem can be the difference between a profit
or a loss. Reliable flow control can be used to avoid this risk.

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