United States

Ease of Use

Easy to read display, simple select-and-toggle buttons, and multiple models available.

The FD-M features a user friendly display that is easy to read and work with. The live flow value and threshold value are displayed simultaneously. The select-and-toggle buttons allow for straightforward navigation in the menu. Additionally, the FD-M is housed with SUS430 for high durability.

Several models are available for ease in installation. Choose between NPT 3/8, NPT 3/4, or NPT 1. Each model has an accommodating flow range for its pipe size.

NPT 3/8 (10A)
Display Range:0.14-7.50 G/min

NPT 3/4 (20A)
Display Range:0.7-26.4 G/min

NPT 1 (25A)
Display Range:1.4-52.8 G/min
(5.0 – 200L/min)