Non-Wetted Electrode Electromagnetic Flow Sensors

FD-M series

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1. No Obstructions

The FD-M Series leaves behind conventional flow sensing technology where paddle wheels or other obstructions can cause clogging or incorrect monitoring. The FD-M has no moving parts allowing liquid to flow freely while monitoring.

Product Features

2. Versatility

The FD-M is commonly used in a wide array of industries such as grinding, injecting molding, and welding. It is more tolerant than conventional sensors to variations in temperature and fluid type. Additionally, the FD-M's analog capability broadens the scope of possible applications.


3. Ease Of Use

This flow sensor features an easy to read display and simple select-and-toggle buttons on the face of the unit. Installation is simple as there are several models available to suit a variety of pipe options.

Ease Of Use

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