Air Quality Multi-Sensor

MP-F series

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Air Quality Multi-Sensor MP-F series

New Complete Machine Air Monitoring

  • Small body contains multiple sensors
  • Easily visualize consumption
  • Built-in shut off valve

MP-F series - Air Quality Multi-Sensor

MP-F Series Energy-saving Unit for Gases simultaneously senses the flow, pressure, temperature, and humidity of air to visualize energy consumption with the connected power monitor. This unit is equipped with a function that automatically records the air and electricity consumption (data that is vital when attempting to reduce energy consumption) at all times. The stored data can then be checked on the highly expressive multi display. Also, data can be analyzed easily with the specialized PC software. The shut-off valve is an energy-saving feature that eliminates unnecessary air consumption by blocking air when the device is not operating. This unit monitors the air status to detect problems such as pressure drops and condensation before they occur and notify the user of these errors.


Small Body Contains Multiple Sensors

Complete machine air understanding is provided when utilizing the dynamic MP-F multi-sensor. Offering a better understanding of the air quality that your pneumatic equipment is receiving allows for more stable machine operation, improved product quality, and cost savings.

  • 1
    Humidity sensor
  • 2
    Flow/Temperature sensor
  • 3
    Pressure sensor

Easily Visualize Consumption

The MP-F Series has multiple ways of gathering data needed to make cost effective decisions. The easy to read and navigate display offers a quick and complete understanding of machine air allowing for easy troubleshooting. Long-term data can also be downloaded from the device itself with a standard USB cable to a laptop.

Built-In Shut Off Valve

Cost savings and energy initiatives are of growing importance and the MP-F can make a quick and direct impact. The MP-F Series has a built-in shut off valve allowing customers to automate their air supply needs when machines are down or on break. Simply send the MP-F a signal when the machine is not being used and the valve will shut. There is also a way for this to happen internally within the sensor without need for additional PLC programming, simply program the sensor to shut off after a certain amount of time not seeing enough air flow.