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Durable Multi-Fluid Digital Pressure Sensors

AP-V80 series

AP-V80W Series Pressure Sensor Applications

Unbeatable Performance in Automation and Sensing Applications.

Air Mist Pressure

Base pressure control

Base Pressure Control

The base pressure of a compressor is checked to control abnormal operation.The AP-V80W Series has single-piece construction of the sensing part and housing, which offers reliable operation even if the air contains dust and mist.

• The hold display function can hold the value of an abnormally low base pressure for a future inspection.

Suction/Vacuum check

Suction/Vacuum Check

When verifying the suction of wet glass substrates, full stainless steel construction is ideal because mist enters during suction. The IP-67 rated sensor head is trouble-free even when splashed with water.

• Since all amplifiers feature two sets of ON/OFF outputs as standard, both suction and release of targets can be verified simultaneously.

Water Pressure

High pressure cleaning

High-Pressure Cleaning

The AP-V80W Series monitors variations in the spray pressure during cleaning. The wide variety of sensor heads allow monitoring of water pressure up to 7250 Psi.

• Even when there are pulses or surges in the pressure, the chatter prevention function ensures reliable detection.

Hot water control

Hot Water Control

The pressure of vapor is monitored. Even the pressure of high-temperature water exceeding 212 F (100 C) can be detected by using a siphon pipe (OP-35442).

• Two types of amplifiers are available: a DIN-rail mounting type and a panel mounting type. The appropriate type can be selected according to the situation.

Oil Pressure

Pressure control

High-Pressure Cleaning

The pressure applied to the cylinders can be controlled during pressing.

• The analog output can be used to record the data of pressure changes.

Oil pressure control

Oil Pressure Control

Injection pressure and die-clamping pressure can be detected by attaching the AP-V80W pressure sensor to the hydraulic cylinder.

• At product changeover, the settings can be changed automatically with the set value memory function.

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