Heavy Duty Type Digital Pressure Sensors

GP-M series

GP-M Series Heavy Duty Digital Pressure Sensors Applications

Selectable Functions According To the Application

Oil Pressure

With its wide pressure range, from -14.5 to +5802 PSI (−0.1 to +40 MPa), and ceramic (alumina) diaphragm with high oil resistance, the GP-M Series can inspect pressure in a variety of applications.
Machine tools

Thick Fluid, Fluid-containing Powders and Foreign Materials

The step flush diaphragm, with its small indentation inside of the sensor, prevents liquid and bubbles from easily clogging the pipe. In addition, it is easy to remove this sensor for cleaning. Users should consider the GP-M Series for fluids that commonly result in clogging.
Fluid examples

Fluid Between -20 and +100°C (-4 and +212°F)

The GP-M Series can monitor fluids between -20 and +100°C (-4 and +212°F) and can therefore be used in a wide variety of applications ranging from cooling, heat retention, and sterilization. (Ensure that the environment is free from freezing or condensation.)
Applications at high temperatures

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