Clamp-On Gas Flow Meter FD-G series

Understand Compressed Air Usage Facility-Wide

Easily Identify Energy Saving Opportunities

FD-G series - Clamp-On Gas Flow Meter

The FD-G Series Clamp-on Gas Flow Meter can be easily installed from outside the pipe with only a screwdriver. The clamp-on design greatly reduces installation costs by eliminating the need for pipe modification. Detecting flow from outside the pipe eliminates the risk of restricting or blocking the flow of gas. It also eliminates the risk of leakage from new fittings. The device is compatible with stainless steel and iron pipes from—3/4" to 8"—and can measure compressed air, nitrogen, and other gases. The high-accuracy measurement, paired with a minimum sensitivity of 0.018 CFM, can be utilized for both large flows and incredibly small leaks. The high-definition display can also show both the total flow rate and the current flow rate for a set period, at the same time. Necessary functions for air management are also included, such as automatic leak volume measurement and monetary conversion.


Optimize Compressed Air Usage

  • Determine a baseline for air usage at your facility
  • Monitor specific machine drop points or branch pipes
  • Identify cost-saving actions such as replacing valves, optimizing your compressor's loading period, or patching leaks

Simple Clamp-On Installation

  • Mount in minutes with no special tools or knowledge
  • Completely non-invasive flow meter design means no added leakage points
  • Compatible pipe sizes include 0.75"-8"

Unlock Air Consumption Data

  • Record air usage and leakage amounts over time
  • Network communication options
  • Use as a powerful energy savings tool