Clamp-on Flow Sensor FD-Q series

Monitor Liquid Flow Without Modifying a Pipe

  • Easy to install for any user
  • Compatible with countless flow setups
  • Innovative clamp-on design prevents these common issues

FD-Q series - Clamp-on Flow Sensor

Compatible with a variety of pipe materials and liquids, the FD-Q Series Clamp-on Flow Sensor can detect the flow rate of a liquid without the need for any pipe modification. This device enables the detection of a wide variety of liquids, including water (and pure water), oil, and chemicals. Detection is possible on both metal and resin pipes up to 2" in diameter. Unlike conventional sensors, installation and operation are also easy on high-pressure pipes. Costs are significantly reduced with the minimal installation required and the completely non-wetted design eliminates the risk of pressure loss or increased maintenance. Additionally, the large indicator provides real-time status information.

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Easy to Install for Any User

FD-Q can be mounted quickly and easily with only a screw driver, no pipe modifications necessary.

  • Mount in 60 seconds without any pipe modification
  • Clamps on to the outside of a pipe with 6 standard screws
  • Install flow sensor without shutting the machine down

Installing a Conventional Flow Sensor

Extremely difficult, requiring special knowledge, tools, and machine downtime.

Installing FD-Q Series

Anyone can easily mount with just a screwdriver.

Compatible With Countless Flow Setups

FD-Q can detect and handle all sorts of fluids, pipe materials, and pipe sizes.

Detectable fluids

  • Detect virtually any type of liquid including: Water, oils, chemicals, consumer products, etc.

Compatible pipe materials

  • Detection is possible through both metal and resin pipes
  • Compatible pipe sizes include 1/4"-2"

Innovative Clamp-on Design Prevents These Common Issues

The clamp-on style of the FD-Q prevents pressure losses, contamination, and excessive downtime associated with conventional flow sensors. This is due to the non-contact, clamp-on design of the FD-Q Series.

Pressure loss caused by sensor impeding flow.

Contamination introduced with installation and use of conventional flow sensor.

Network with Optional MU-N Controller

By combining the MU-N Series with the KEYENCE NU Series, users can transmit data over a standard industrial network.

  • Network communication options such as EtherNet/IP®
  • Provides versatile remote display
  • Easily store/upload sensor settings