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Flash Thermo

Quickly Detect Surface Temperature

10-ms High-speed Response [Fastest in its class]

KEYENCE has significantly increased the responsiveness of the FT's temperature detection method by:
1. Decreasing the thickness of the far-infrared resonance film to it's minimum functional thickness.
2. Positioning thermocouples in a geometrically efficient way in order to absorb and detect heat quickly and accurately.

10-ms High-speed Response

* The typical response speed is 10 ms and the highest response speed is 15 ms.

Laser Pointer

Two laser pointers* clearly indicate the detection range making sensor installation simple.

Laser Pointer

* FDA class I, IEC class 1

20% Smaller Size [Smallest in its class]

A cylindrical housing with the detecting element inside is suspended inside of the sensor head. This gives a thermal air-buffer between the sensor and the ambient air allowing the sensor size to be minimized.

20% Smaller Size

High Stability

To maximize the sensor's stability KEYENCE developed an IPC circuit that averages readings constantly, making the FT more stable than the competition.

High Stability

The FT Series displays stable temperatures under varying conditions.