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          Digital Fiber Optic SensorsFS-N40 series

          Amplifier Units Cable type Expansion Unit PNP



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          Main unit/expansion unit

          Expansion unit

          Number of control outputs


          Number of external inputs


          Light source LED

          Transmitter side: Red, four-element LED (wavelength: 660 nm)

          Response time

          23 µs (S-HSPD*1*2) /50 µs (HSPD*3) /250 µs (FINE) /500 µs (TURBO) /1 ms (SUPER) /4 ms (ULTRA) /16 ms (MEGA) /64 ms (TERA)

          Control output

          Open-collector, 30 V or less 100 mA or less per output,
          100 mA or less total for 2 outputs (when used as a solitary unit) /20 mA or less (when used as an expansion unit)
          Residual voltage: 1.6 V or less (output current: 10 mA or less) /2.2 V or less (output current: 10 to 100 mA)

          External input

          Input time: 2 ms (ON) /20 ms (OFF) or longer*4

          Unit expansion

          Up to 16 units (17 units connected in total including the main unit) . However, each dual output type will be treated as two expansion units.

          Protection circuit

          Protection against reverse power connection, output overcurrent, output surge, and reverse output connection

          Mutual interference prevention

          S-HSPD/HSPD: 0 units, FINE: 4 units, TURBO/SUPER/ULTRA/MEGA/TERA: 8 units (The mutual interference prevention values are twice those shown here when Double is set.)

          Power supply

          Power voltage

          10 to 30 VDC (including 10 % ripple (P-P) or less) , class 2 or LPS*5

          Power consumption

          During normal operation: 990 mW or less (39 mA or less at 24 V/72 mA or less at 12 V)
          ECO ON: 920 mW or less (36 mA or less at 24 V/66 mA or less at 12 V)
          ECO FULL: 830 mW or less (33 mA or less at 24 V / 59 mA or less at 12 V)*6

          Environmental resistance

          Ambient light

          Incandescent lamp: 20,000 lx or less, sunlight: 30,000 lx or less

          Ambient temperature

          -20 °C -4 °F to +55 °C +131 °F (no freezing)*7

          Vibration resistance

          10 to 55 Hz; double amplitude 1.5 mm 0.06"; 2 hours each for X, Y, and Z axes

          Shock resistance

          500 m/s2; 3 times each for X, Y, and Z axes

          Case material

          Main unit and cover: polycarbonate


          Approx. 73 g

          *1 Restrictions when S-HSPD is selected: Output 2 of dual output types is fixed to OFF.
          *2 Restrictions when S-HSPD is selected
          Area detection, Area % Mode, DATUM, Rising edge, and Falling edge cannot be selected for Detection Mode.
          Output timer, Limit Detection, and Display Gain cannot be used.
          FULL cannot be selected for the ECO function.
          *3 Restrictions when HSPD is selected
          Display Gain cannot be used.
          *4 The input time becomes 25 ms (ON)/25 ms (OFF) when external calibration input is selected.
          *5 When expanding the system to 9 or more units, use a power supply voltage of 12 V or higher.
          *6 The load current is excluded. The power consumption including the load when the maximum number of units are connected is 38 W max.
          *7 When expanded by 1 to 2 units: -20°C -4°F to +55°C +131°F. When expanded by 3 to 10 units: -20°C -4°F to +50°C +122°F.
          When expanded by 11 to 16 units: -20°C -4°F to +45°C +113°F. When using 2 outputs, 1 unit is counted as 2 units.
          The prescribed values for the ambient temperature assume that the sensor amplifi er has been mounted on a DIN rail installed on a metal surface.
          Exercise special care when installing the product in an airtight space.

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