Digital Fiber Optic Sensors

FS-V30 series

Wide Variety

Various Amplifier Designs Applicable to Any Job.

1-output M8 connector

1-output M8 connector type or cable type

2-output M8 connector

2-output M8 connector type or cable type

Analog output

Analog output

2-Output Type

Output 1 is used for detection. Output 2 can be selected to output when a counter, alarm or limit has been reached.

Analog Output Type

Outputs 1-5V according to the detection quantity (digital display). It can be used for a wide range of applications such as position control or multi-level detection.

M8 Connector Type

2-output M8 connector types are currently available.
Coming soon : 1-output M8 connector type.

Application Modes for the 2 Output Type Sensors

Application Modes for the 2 Output Type Sensors

1ch threshold

Alarm Mode

Conventional models display "END APC" when the APC Function ends. The FS-V30 sends an alarm signal while displaying "END APC". It can also be used as an adjustment alarm output when using the DSC Function.

Counter Mode

Counter Mode

Counter Mode

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