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Fiber Unit

FU series

ToughFlex Fiber Optic Sensor Heads

Flexible Wiring with a Stainless Steel Jacket for Ultimate Protection

Toughflex fiber optic sensor head

Armored ToughFlex

A flexible stainless steel jacket protects the fiber from daily wear.

Reflective type: FU-67G
Thrubeam type: FU-77G

Resists entanglement or shock. More flexible than conventional spiral tubes with minimum bend radius of 10mm

Super ToughFlex

Cable can be bent sharply with virtually no optical attenuation.

Reflective type: FU-67V
Thrubeam type: FU-77V


Easy to handle with a minimum bending radius of 2 mm and minimal optical attenuation.

Reflective type: FU-67
Thrubeam type: FU-77

ToughFlex and Super ToughFlex fiber cores are used for many KEYENCE's fiber units.

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