Fiber Unit

FU series

Long Distance Detection Fiber Optic Sensors Heads

ULTRA High-Power , Resistant to Dirty and Dusty Environment Type

Dirty and Dusty Environment Resistant

ULTRA High-Power , resistant to dirty and dusty environment

Reflective type: FU-61
Thrubeam type: FU-71

FU-61 and FU-71 Long distance sensor head

ULTRA Long detecting distance up to 900mm(FU-61), 1800mm(FU-71). Durable M6 stainless steel housing

FU-40 long distance sensor headt

FU-40 Long Detecting Distance, High-power Reflective Type

FU-40 Long detecting distance, high-power reflective unit is highly resistant to dust. Utilizing a tight, narrow-beam, the FU-40 can be precisely aimed at the target. An Armored ToughFlex fiber unit is also available (model: FU-40G)

FU-92 resistant to oil and other chemicals

FU-92 Long Detecting Distance, Entirely TeflonR-sheathed Type

FU-92 Long detecting distance unit is entirely TeflonR-sheathed and usable in a wide range of environments. The Teflon.-sheathed body allows this unit to be exposed to most types of oils and chemicals.

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